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U-Report is a free messaging and polling tool developed by UNICEF. It is designed to amplify the voices of every young person and empower them to speak out and take part in decisions that matter to them.

U-Report works by gathering fully anonymized opinions and information from young people about issues they care about. Results are analyzed, mapped and displayed in real-time on https://ureport.in/, ensuring that young people’s voices reach our country’s decision-makers.

Today, it has evolved into an international movement for positive social change, with over 32 million U-Reporters to date. The tool is used in 99 countries worldwide to share information, raise awareness and collect poll responses on specific areas that impact children, including the most vulnerable.

In the Philippines, U-Report was first introduced in 2020 to the youth of Bangsamoro Region - amid the COVID-19 pandemic - to empower them to continue to be the voice of their community, hold duty bearers accountable, and ensure that policymakers address the needs of adolescents. It is run by UNICEF, its partners, and U-Reporters themselves.


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